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Message from the Project Manager

Thank you for visiting our new website.

Since 1995, PB Disaster Services has supported FEMA as a nationwide contractor responsible for inspecting homes in presidentially declared emergencies and natural disasters. Under three consecutive five-year contracts, PB Disaster Services has performed over 4.8 million inspections in 48 states, Puerto Rico and Pacific territories in response to 297 disaster activations and 18 technical assistance task orders. Our partners at FEMA, and our dedicated team of hard working and skilled individuals, both inspectors and project staff members who continually go the "extra mile", are responsible for these remarkable achievements over the past 17 years!

Our current contract with FEMA expired on April 3, 2013. At that time, FEMA awarded PB Disaster Services the only Bridge Contract to continue providing inspection services until FEMA awards the next five-year contract. In addition to awarding PB with the Bridge Contract, we are also receiving 2000 Panasonic Toughbooks and accessories that were previously used by another contractor to better prepare us for the upcoming hurricane season. FEMA's award of the bridge contract to only PB Disaster Services and their recent delivery of additional equipment demonstrate the continued strength of the relationship between FEMA and PB Disaster Services. We believe we are well positioned to remain as the preferred provider of inspections for FEMA Housing Inspection Services for years to come.

In preparation for the 2013 Hurricane Season, PB Disaster Services is actively seeking additional experienced inspectors to assist us in supporting FEMA's mission of providing compassionate, quality and timely housing inspections services. We are seeking individuals who will operate with excellence and with the highest ethical standards. We believe the people on our team are the backbone of our business, we are committed to their success and will make every effort to best use their talents and skills. It is our desire to attract and retain the best people in the industry. We are committed to treating all of our people with fairness, dignity, respect and compassion. If you have not registered with us and would like to, please join our team.

Regardless of the reason you decided to visit our new website, we hope you will come away with an understanding and appreciation of the kind of firm we are, the values we share, and the kind of people we are.

On behalf of Parsons Brinckerhoff and PB Disaster Services,

Greg Reynolds, Project Manager